Short-of-the-Week launches network platform for filmmakers


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The creators of probably the oldest platform dedicated specifically to short films, “Short of the Week,” have launched a new platform called “Shortverse,” which offers a variety of ways to help short films make their way into the public eye and help with networking.

The platform offers to set up landing pages for uploaded short films that can be viewed publicly or by private invitation. Information on the films can be designed on the page in images and text and press material can be stored for download.

Communication functions are embedded on the film pages, as is familiar from social media platforms. The services are offered as a subscription at launch with a discount for $9/month.

There is also free Industry Access for producers, curators and others who want to learn about the short films on the platform and get in touch with the creators.

“Shortverse” is not an open user-generated film platform. Submitted films and industry access are reviewed and regulated by the operators. Shortoftheweek promises to be “100% independent and not tied to existing tools, platforms or festivals.” Shortverse sees itself as a community platform “with no ads, no shady data deals, no corporate tools.” Support is organized as a community forum on Discord.

“Short of the Week” was founded in 2007 by filmmakers Andrew Allen and Jason Sondhi. To date, more than 2000 short films from more than 50 countries have been selected and featured. “Shortverse” was launched in October 2022 after two years of preparation.



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