Filmland-Sachsen – Initiative to convey film programmes to rural regions

In the DIAF programme Children’s stories: “Alarm im Kasperletheater”, Lothar Barke, GDR 1960 ©DIAF-Archiv

In response to the cultural loss caused by the death of cinemas in rural regions in Saxony, the Filmverband Sachsen together with the Saxon State Ministry of Science and Art, the AG Animationsfilm, the AG Kurzfilm, the DIAF, the DOK Leipzig, the Filmfest Dresden, Kurzsuechtig, Neisse Filmfestival and the Filmfestival SCHLINGEL initiated the project “”.

At the start of the initiative 8 feature-length programmes will be offered. Apart from the contributions of DOK Leipzig and the Neisse Filmfestival, these are short film programmes. These include, for example, a selection programme of the Film Fest Dresden, a selection programme of the Schlingel Festival with films for children or a programme of the Short Film Tour of the AG Kurzfilm.

The Filmverband Sachsen offers the programmes at favourable conditions to film organisers and film initiatives in Saxony – be they cinemas, associations or committed individuals. The costs for a film program amount to 90€ per screening. In addition, travel expenses for directors invited to talk at the screening will be covered.

The “” project is sponsored by the Saxon State Ministry of Science and the Arts and coordinated by the Filmverband Sachsen e.V. (Saxony Film Association).



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