The gaping wound – Jovana Reisinger’s humoristic exposures of current role inscriptions

“Everyone can see that your body is high-class. You have to make something out of it. Why are you so sad? You haven’t been sitting in front of the TV of life, you have been active. What a guy!” – an off-screen male voice accompanies Max the model as he rambles around looking for a hotel in a city where a male-model killer is up to mischief. The video piece “pretty boyz don’t die” (2016) forms the beginning to the “pretty pretty mad sad” (2016-18) four-part short film series and is the first filmic work by the writer and filmmaker Jovana Reisinger. Read More


Awards May 2021

Fastnet Short Film Festival, Schull (Ireland) || 30.05.2021 Best International Film: UN SŒUR, Delphine Girard, B Best Irish Film: SISTER THIS, Claire Byrne, Ireland Best Irish Language Film: AN GADHAR… Read More