Experience with online festivals – individual experience reports

Not only has the film festival world turned around itself several times since the spring and still hasn’t come to a standstill. The Corona pandemic has created new festival models and variations in a very short time. At, Reinhard Wolf has already looked at the development of international film festivals in regular intervals in the four-part article series “Waiting for the Wave”.

Now we would like to give the filmmakers who are directly affected by the situation a chance to have their say. All in all, we examine the topic from various individual perspectives: Read More

Talks and Topics

Ron Dyens, French Short Film Producer – SACREBLEU

Ron Dyens first became known with his short film “La Flamme”. In 1999, he founded his own production company Sacrebleu Productions. Following numerous festival successes over the last 20 years, since 2019 he has been a member of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which awards the much-coveted Oscars each year. Willy Rollé spoke with him about the differences in short film production between France and Germany. Read More


Nicolaas Schmidt and His Microscopic Cinema

Nicolaas Schmidt used to be a musician, he founded a virtual support group on sunsets, and has held exhibitions of colours, objects and photos. He usually works alone, having started with photography and filmmaking at almost the same time, before soon moving on to installative pieces in real and virtual spaces. In his work, people are confronted by spaces, objects and non-human animals that are almost their equals, for Schmidt is an explorer of balance. Schmidt’s films intervene in an “ordered” – i.e. hierarchical – perception of reality, and it is only the isolation of the cinema auditorium that lets us succumb to their open, flowing and circulating structures. Read More