FilmFest: Relaunch of the submission platform of the French short film agency with FFPlay


The submission platform of the Agence du court métrage has been renewed and is now called FilmFest. The relaunch is accompanied by an interesting technical innovation. Filmfest has integrated the application FFPlay. This enables users to create a playlist and download submitted films for offline viewing. Since the playlist is editable, complete film programs can also be created. Such a program then can be projected as HD video, i.e. not in DCP quality, locally from the computer or even from a cell phone.

FFPlay is a media player based on the free open source tool collection FFmpeg, whose libraries are available for Windows, macOS and Linux. FFPlay is provided free of charge by FilmFest participating festivals for Mac, PC, IOS and Android.

The submission platform is affiliated with 80 French and nine international short film festivals. The platform is trilingual (FR, EN, ES). For festivals, there are tiered rates depending on the number of films that can be submitted and additional services starting at €350, or for starters with limited services up to 500 films free of charge. Filmmakers purchase credits – from 1 credit (10 submissions) for 3 €. FilmFest is hosted by Online S.A.S. (Paris) and the videos are hosted by Amazon France.