Nippon Connection – New Database and Video on Demand


Screenshot film data base “Nippon Archive”


The film festival Nippon Connection (Frankfurt) published its own film database of Japanese film, which is publicly available. With around 2080 entries, NIPPON ARCHIVE contains all the films shown since the first festival edition in 2000. In addition to film descriptions and credits, the database also includes the biographies of the directors in German and English.

Most of the films in the database are short films. Unfortunately, searching by genre or running time is not provided in the search form. However, if you query ‘short film’ or ‘short film’ under “General Search”, you will find what you are looking for. Searching by film title or director name is possible, of course.

On the on-demand platform, which is also new, the festival will also show highlights from the 2020 film festival program from March 1 to 31, 2021: eleven current Japanese feature films and documentaries, but unfortunately no short films.



URL: Nippon Archive

URL: Nippon Connection On Demand: Replay!

featured image: Mount Fuji, Nippon Connection Blog/Shizuoka Prefecture Tourism