Lumiere VOD database of European films on VoD platforms launched


Screenshot LUMIERE VOD looking for shorts, access 28 June 2019

The beta version of the first directory for European films on VoD services was recently opened in Strasbourg. The new index was created by the European Commission together with the European Audiovisual Observatory, which manages the project. The access is free of charge.

The database contains information on more than 35 000 European films offered 150 000 times via VoD. The data were taken from 250 different VoD catalogues available in 28 European countries.

LUMIERE VOD is aimed primarily at professionals in the audiovisual industry: authors, producers, distributors, film funds and regulators, to help them monitor the exploitation of films on VOD and evaluate the composition of the VOD catalogues.

The database can also be used to search for VoD providers of specific film titles or to compile lists for statistical purposes. The search form allows the search by film title (multilingual), director, year of production, country of production, service provider and country of the provider.

The search result can be downloaded as an Excel list. If the film title you are looking for is contained in the LUMIERE database, you can call up further metadata.

Unfortunately there is no search field to filter short films. The search for <shorts> in the title only resulted in 4 full-length compilation programs[1]. Sampling via the title search resulted in only a few hits or contradictory results. Obviously, incomprehensibly, short films were only recorded if they had a cinema film distributor, although they make up a considerable part of the recorded VoD catalogues. The database is therefore unfortunately useless for the short film sector.



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[1]Among them the Swedish compilation “Dirty Diaries“, which had 10980 viewers at the cinema in 2010