More festivals open VoD platforms for streaming independently from festival date


PÖFF VoD-Plattform “Filmkunst zu Hause” ©Screenshot


The Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival PÖFF launched the platform in March, which operates year-round, offering films for a fee. Every month, a new selection of films from previous festivals will be posted online. Unlike other video-on-demand platforms, festival director Tiina Lokk said, “Our film selection represents a so-called second view, different from other known and daily used streaming platforms, capturing the world’s cinematography in its thematic, genre and style diversity”.[1] Technically, the geo-blocked platform is managed by Estonian IP-TV provider Elisa and New Zealand agency Shift72.


New Horizons IFF in Wroclaw also launched a VoD platform this month. NH VOD starts with 250 films, including productions from Gutek Film and New Horizons Association catalogs. The program also includes award winners from past festivals that were shown “only in festival cinemas.” The titles have been selected by “experienced curators (…) from the most important festivals in the world, including Cannes, Venice, Toronto and Berlin.”[2] Fees range from 7.90 to 12.90 zloty per film or 89 zl. for 30 titles (about €20) in a package. The films are streamed by (Ringier Axel Springer Polska), among others, and are only available on Polish territory.






[2] »Filmy dostępne w ofercie NH VOD nie są wynikiem kalkulacji przeprowadzonych przez bezosobowe algorytmy. Wszystkie tytuły zostały wybrane przez doświadczone kuratorki i kuratorów, którzy od lat przygotowują program wydarzeń Stowarzyszenia Nowe Horyzonty, selekcjonując filmy z najważniejszych festiwali na świecie – w Cannes, Wenecji, Toronto i Berlinie.«




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