AG Kurzfilm e.V.
Bundesverband Deutscher Kurzfilm
Förstereistr. 36
01099 Dresden

Phone: +49.(0)351.4045575
Fax: +49.(0)351.4045576

Email: info(at)




AG Kurzfilm e.V.
VR 11611, Amtsgericht Dresden


Executive Board:
Ute Dilger
Alexandra Gramatke
Arne Papenhagen
Eva Steegmayer
Andrea Wink



Managing Directors:
Jana Cernik, Jutta Wille, Dresden


Tax ID number (VAT):
DE 22 73 09 474


Responsible according to German press law:
Jana Cernik, Jutta Wille

Liability for links:
On 12 May 1998, the Hamburg county court ruled (312 0 85/98): that with the inclusion of links, one may also be held responsible for the content of the linked sites. According to the county court, this can only be avoided when one explicitly distances one’s self from the content of the links. The German Short Film Association herewith distances itself explicitly from all the content included in all the linked sites on their website and therefore does not identify with these contents. This declaration applies to all of the links attached to the website.