Sweden: two new short film grants – lots of money for Mainstream


Filmhuset in Stockholm ©Mark Standley/Svenska Filminstitutet

On 4 June 2019, the Swedish Film Institute and Sveriges Television presented to the public the joint funding programme “2121” – the “largest short film initiative in Swedish film history”. Sweden’s “best filmmakers” are invited to submit their applications by 14 October. Each 1.4 million Swedish crowns (approx. 131,000 €) will be granted for six SciFi short feature films with a maximum running time of 8 minutes, dealing with the question “What will the world look like in 100 years?

According to the press release[1], the high amount of funding should enable the filmmakers to draw on the full potential of the film and deliver magnificent images. The criteria are or are expected to be: a strong script and a scenography that “makes the difference” in terms of make-up, costume design and impressive photography.

“Perhaps a passionate love story or the spark that triggers a global catastrophe.”

The films are due to premiere at the Gothenburg Film Festival in 2021 and will then be broadcast on television.

The second call[2] for funding short film productions is for the genre of romantic comedy. The funding programme “It’s Love!”, which is financed by the Swedish Film Institute in cooperation with regional film sponsors, provides SEK 300,000 (approx. € 28,000) each for five short feature films. The award criteria include originality, craftsmanship, importance for the Swedish audience, a cinematic form for different platforms and the potential to participate in festivals. The closing date for applications is 28 August 2019.


[1] Press release “2121”


[2] Funding programme “It’s Love!”


Pictures: press photo of  Svenska Filminstitutet by Jan Goransson and Mark Standley



background information

Swedish short film funding (up to 60 minutes) had a total budget of SEK 7 million in 2018: according to the official “Action Plan for the New Swedish Short Film” for approx. 40% of classically narrative films by established directors and approx. 60% of films with innovative forms of expression of new voices (Handlingsplan for ny svensk kortfilm, pdf).

In 2018, 25 short feature films and 14 short documentaries were funded (source: Filmåret i siffror).

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