Petition from the Pro Short association regarding the Swiss Film Prize for Short Film


One of the initiators and board members of Pro Short Corina Schwingruber Ilić won the Swiss Short Film Award in 2019 for ALL INCLUSIVE

The Swiss Short Film Association Pro Short has launched a petition for a renewal of the regulations concerning short film awards within the framework of the Swiss Film Awards. The previous regulations for submitting films for the short film award are so restrictive that in the current year not enough submissions (at least 10 are required) have been able to meet the conditions. As a result, there will be no Swiss film prize for short films in 2020.
Pro Short had already drawn attention to the problem in the past by the Federal Office of Culture (BAK) and the Swiss Film Academy. In its current petition, Pro Short calls for a definitive adjustment of the festival list, which is part of the framework conditions for the short film award, for the 2021 edition and a participation in the overall revision of the festival list.

Pro Short also pleads for the integration of graduation films and school films into the category “short film”. This is because school films that are not graduation films cannot currently qualify for any of the Swiss Film Prize categories, even if they fulfil the conditions for doing so.

Supporters – also from abroad – are invited to sign and share the petition.



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