Italian Short Film Center releases 10 short films for free screenings worldwide


Still from DIORAMA by Camilla Carè © Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio



The Italian Short Film Center, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is releasing ten short films that can be distributed free of charge for cinema screenings worldwide. Representative works made in Italy in the period 2020-2021 have been selected, namely:

• All night long, Eric Scabar, 2021, 19
• Cose loro, Silvestro Maccariello, 2021, 7′
• Diorama, Camilla Carè, 2021, 10′
• Family trip, Francesco Della Ventura, 2021, 18′
• Goleador, Francesca Frigo, 2021, 15′
• The night burns, Angelica Gallo, 2021, 16′
• Le buone maniere, Valerio Vestoso, 2021, 19′
• Radio Riders, Paola Piscitelli, Fabio Corbellini, 2020, 14′
• Underwater love, Falzone, Fiore, Martiradonna, 2021, 5′
• Vale, the last match, Teresa Sala, Stefano Zoja, 2021, 20′


The films have been made available for download as digital files in HD quality on a server of the Short Film Center. Further information and press materials about the films are also available there. All ten films can be screened without restrictions or constraints until December 2022 as part of the cultural initiatives of the Italian diplomatic missions or at events organized in collaboration with them (festivals, screenings, exhibitions, etc.): They may be shown individually or in groups, once or several times.

Information and contact: Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio (Italian Short Film Center)