Interview with FILZ Film Initiative Leipzig

FILZ was founded in 2012 as a self-organised and autonomous film seminar within the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts (HGB). The Film Initiative Leipzig FILZ is an association of authors, filmmakers and artists. All participants share a strong interest in artistic, documentary work, with a focus on the moving image.

  • FILZ makes films and video art in various constellations and with mutual support.
  • FILZ curates, organises workshops and film talks.
  • FILZ writes about film and helps shape current discourses.
  • FILZ seeks to collaborate with other players in the art and culture scene.

Luc-Carolin Ziemann talks to Clara Wieck, Juliane Jaschnow, Jonas Matauschek and Nick Teplov – four of FILZ’s current fourteen active members – about the collective, current joint projects and networks, and the importance of ongoing dialogue.

Another edition of Talks’n’Topics:


Short films by various FILZ members in the AG Kurzfilm short film catalogue. The online version of the short film catalogue offers information on almost 2000 German short films produced since 2004, over 1000 of which can be previewed online by industry representatives.

Juliane Jaschnow und Stefanie Schroeder

Florian Fischer und Johannes Krell

Ginan Seidl

Jonas Matauschek und Emerson Culurgioni


Featured image: – DIE WIRKUNG DES GESCHÜTZES AUF GEWITTERWOLKEN (The Effect of Cannonry on Thunderclouds) © FILZ, Juliane Jaschnow und Stefanie Schroeder