Interview with Lucia Margarita Bauer

At Talks’n’Topics we introduce you to Lucia Margarita Bauer as our next artist. In 2020, she won the special prize of the German Short Film Award for films between 31 and 78 minutes long with the 37-minute film MAMAN, MAMAN, MAMAN. In an interview with Conny Klauß, she and her mother Annemarie Blersch talk about family images between idealization and horror, about different generations of a German-French family, the dominance of women, intellectual attempts to understand death and working with the family archive.



MAMAN MAMAN MAMAN is part of the  short film catalogue 2021 of the AG Kurzfilm. The online version of the short film catalogue offers information on over 1800 German short films produced since 2004, over 900 of which can be previewed online by industry representatives.

featured image: MAMAN MAMAN MAMAN © joon film