Interview mit Sophie Linnenbaum

Sophie Linnenbaum is bursting with ideas, from which small short film blossoms sprout again and again. Sometimes she makes 2 or 3 films a year. In her award-winning films, she observes small everyday moments and interpersonal encounters that often tip over into the absurd. THE ORDINARIES, Sophie Linnenbaum’s feature film debut, which has caused a stir at festivals and will be released in cinemas at the end of March 2023, is very much in this tradition. Sophie Linnenbaum talks to Borjana Gaković about one of her earlier works – the short film PIX, which won the German Short Film Award in 2017 – but also about current projects.

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Short films by Sophie Linnenbaum in short film catalogue of AG Kurzfilm. The online version of the short film catalog offers information on almost 2000 German short films produced since 2004, more than 1000 of which can be previewed online by industry representatives.

Portrait of Sophie Linnenbaum by Lina Louisa Krämer


featuered image: PIX © Sophie Linnenbaum; DOP: Leonard Caspari, Szeno: Christina Kirk