Interview with Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner

Today in our Talks’n’Topics column we introduce Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner. They were nominated for the German Short Film Award in 2020 with their experimental film A DEMONSTRATION and talk to Cornelia Klauß about the background to the making of their film, about how since the Renaissance, with the classification of the world, structures were created from which we suffer to some extent today and what effect the separation of the non-human from the human world through the formation of taxonomies still has today.


A DEMONSTRATION is part of the  short film catalogue 2021 of the AG Kurzfilm. The online version of the short film catalogue offers information on over 1800 German short films produced since 2004, over 900 of which can be previewed online by industry representatives.

featured image: A DEMONSTRATION © CaSk Films / Video Power