New lockdown forces November festivals to cancel, online variations or postponements

November has always been a busy festival month. Due to the Corona pandemic, several spring festivals had also postponed their editions until autumn.
The recent lockdown in Germany and other (European) countries, with the closing of cinemas and the cancellation of all events, now confronts these festivals with the decision to cancel completely, to switch to online versions or to postpone. Read More


No short films for young audiences at the 71st Berlinale 2021 – Open letter to the directors of Berlinale

In 2021 NO SHORT FILMS will be shown in the GENERATION section of the Berlin International Film Festival. The cancellation of an entire platform for the short form at the Berlinale signifies the failure to address both the audience and industry.

Together with more than 30 international organizations, AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association drafted an OPEN LETTER addressed to the festival directors. Read More

Short Films online Report

Short film specials in times of Corona

updated on 14 July 2020

Festivals have been cancelled or moved to the Internet, film starts have been postponed, and some cinemas are now opening under strict hygiene conditions. Public and also cultural life seemed to stand almost still for a long time. Many initiatives tried to creatively overcome the crisis and also offer short film compilations.

Here we would like to present a small collection of short film offers, which will be continuously updated. We would be happy to take up your suggestions, just send us a short message to Read More


Oberhausen launches Kurzfilmtage Blog

Die Internationalen Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen sind als Festival wie so viele aktuell ebenfalls direkt von einer Absage betroffen. Bereits früh fiel die Entscheidung, das Festival als Online-Edition stattfinden zu lassen. Seit dem 3. April haben die Kurzfilmtage nun einen Blog gestartet, der zeitnah auf die aktuelle Krise reagieren soll. Der Blog soll auch ein Forum sein, in dem viele Leute zu Wort und viele Themen zur Sprache kommen, Beiträge zu ganz unterschiedlichen Themen sollen stattfinden – mal auf Deutsch, mal auf Englisch. Der Blog möchte den Prozess der Krise ebenso sichtbar machen, wie diejenigen, die von ihr betroffen sind. Read More