Awards May 2019

Fastnet Short Film Festival, Schull (Ireland) || 26.05.2019 Best Irish Film: DAY OUT, Virginia Gilber, Ireland Best International Film: FUCKING DRAMA, Michael Podogil, A Best Student: RECOVERY, Siofra Quinn Gates… Read More


The Secret Film History of Argentina

The synonymous usage of the terms “experimental film” and “avant-garde film” is a relatively recent phenomenon: In Germany, designating a work as “experimental” had a negative connotation for a long time. This is related to the situation whereby in the turbulent 1960s, influential writers such as Hans Magnus Enzensberger (Die Aporien der Avantgarde/The Aporia of the Avant-Garde, 1962) or Siegfried Kracauer (Theorie des Films/Theory of Film, 1964) demanded of art, and indeed in general, that it should not occur “remote from everyday life” either parallel to or outside society, but rather assume responsibility. Read More


New: Online film distribution (France)

For some weeks now, the French organisation, based in Lyon (F), has been recommending itself as a provider and distributor of short documentaries. The online platform has been in existence since 2015. The organisation is also the initiator of a one-day film festival of the same name, held in a café in Lyon. According to co-founder Jérôme Plan, however, it was only now, after there had been requests from film clubs for film copies, that the idea of offering films that had previously only been streamed online for screening in cinemas was born. Read More


Awards April 2019

  crossing europe filmfestival, Linz (A) || 30.04.2019 Local Artist Sachpreis: FLEISCHWOCHEN, Joachim Iseni, A Innovative Award – Local Artist: ANIMISTICA, Nikki Schuster, A / D / Mex Creative Region… Read More


Awards March 2019

Festival international de films de femmes, Créteil (F) || 31.03.2019 Meilleur court métrage étranger: THE DIVINE WAY, Ilaria Di Carlo, D Meilleur court métrage français: LA BOUCLE, Vanda Braems, F… Read More


In Danger and Deep Distress, the Middleway Spells Certain Death
The film collective Spengemann / Eichberg / Goldkamp / Hans

Spengemann, Eichberg, Goldkamp, Hans – four names arranged in a circle appear at the end of the credits of several short films that were made in the context of the HFBK Hamburg (University of Fine Arts Hamburg) since 2014. The four filmmakers flippantly describe the logo, composed of their surnames, as a “sticker”: a sticker can be attached to a film, but should not infringe upon it in any way. Read More


Awards January 2019

Österreichischer Filmpreis (A) || 31.01.2019 Bester Kurzfilm: ENTSCHULDIGUNG, ICH SUCHE DEN TISCHTENNISRAUM UND MEINE FREUNDIN, Bernhard Wenger, A   Robert Prisen || 31.01.2019 Årets kortfilm Fiktion / Animation: MAJA, Marijana… Read More


New Festival Types Exploiting Deluge of Films

The first two articles on the subject of film festivals focused on rip-off, pseudo festivals, as well as on a new type of festival being held in city-centre cinemas. The third part of the series is exploring the consequences of this development for the existing film and festival landscape, which is characterised by a deluge of films and a glut of festivals. Conclusions must be drawn from this that challenge all those involved to find new approaches: The filmmakers, festival organisers and cinema operators, as well as those on the film funding and support policy level. Read More


Awards August 2018

Festival Internacional de Cine de Monterrey FICMTY (Mex) || 30.08.2018 Mejor Cortometraje Internacional de Ficción: CASTING, Katarzyna Iskra, PL Mejor Cortometraje Internacional de Animación: FOX BOY, Do-Yeon Tak, Republik Korea… Read More


Awards July 2018

Durban International Film Festival (ZA) || 29.07.2018 Best South African Short Film: STILLBORN, Jahmil X. T. Qubeka, ZA Best African Short Film: AYA, Moufida Fedhila, Tunesia Best Short Film: LA… Read More


April 2018

Busan International Short Film Festival (South Korea) || 30.04.2018 Grand Prix: SCAR, Choi Jungyeon, Republik Korea Excellence Award: SEMI-BASEMENT, Min Hyunki, Republik Korea Cinephile Award: SCAR, Choi Jungyeon, Republik Korea… Read More


Awards March 2018

Vilnius International Film Festival “Kino Pavasaris” (LT) || 29.03.2018 Award of the Short Film Competition: PIRTIS (BY THE POOL), Laurynas Bareisa, LT Audience Award: MADRE, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, ES Annual Ann… Read More

Guest Contributions

Tendencies in Short Film and the Task and Mission of Short Film Festivals

A thirtieth birthday is a highlight and a crisis to the same extent, as Ingeborg Bachmann said in her short story “The Thirtieth Year”, the first sentence of which we considered prefixing as a title to this piece. The second sentence reads as follows: “Yet he himself, although he wasn’t able to discover any changes in himself, has become uncertain.” The future may indeed be even greater and vaster than the past, but the course of what is to come is slowly being set now. Read More