Awards June 2020

Festival International du film d’animation, Annecy (F) || 30.06.2020 Cristal du court métrage: PHYSIQUE DE LA TRISTESSE, Theodore Ushev, CAN Prix du Jury: HOMELESS HOME, Alberto Vázquez, F / ES… Read More

Talks and Topics

Ron Dyens, French Short Film Producer – SACREBLEU

Ron Dyens first became known with his short film “La Flamme”. In 1999, he founded his own production company Sacrebleu Productions. Following numerous festival successes over the last 20 years, since 2019 he has been a member of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which awards the much-coveted Oscars each year. Willy Rollé spoke with him about the differences in short film production between France and Germany. Read More


Nicolaas Schmidt and His Microscopic Cinema

Nicolaas Schmidt used to be a musician, he founded a virtual support group on sunsets, and has held exhibitions of colours, objects and photos. He usually works alone, having started with photography and filmmaking at almost the same time, before soon moving on to installative pieces in real and virtual spaces. In his work, people are confronted by spaces, objects and non-human animals that are almost their equals, for Schmidt is an explorer of balance. Schmidt’s films intervene in an “ordered” – i.e. hierarchical – perception of reality, and it is only the isolation of the cinema auditorium that lets us succumb to their open, flowing and circulating structures. Read More


Awards May 2020

  Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen (D) || 18.05.2020 Großer Preis der Stadt Oberhausen: A MONTH OF SINGLE FRAMES, Lynne Sachs, USA Hauptpreis: BITTERSWEET, Sohrab Hura, India e-flux-Preis: BELLA, Thelyia Petraki, GR… Read More


Awards April 2020

European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück (D) || 26.04.2020 EMAF-Award: UNTITLED SEQUENCE OF GAPS, Vika Kirchenbauer, D EMAF-Medienkunstpreises: UNTITLED SEQUENCE OF GAPS, Vika Kirchenbauer, D Dialog-Preis: ONCE REMOVED, Lawrence Abu Hamdan… Read More

Short Films online Report

Short film specials in times of Corona

updated on 14 July 2020

Festivals have been cancelled or moved to the Internet, film starts have been postponed, and some cinemas are now opening under strict hygiene conditions. Public and also cultural life seemed to stand almost still for a long time. Many initiatives tried to creatively overcome the crisis and also offer short film compilations.

Here we would like to present a small collection of short film offers, which will be continuously updated. We would be happy to take up your suggestions, just send us a short message to Read More


Short Film Goes to School

Kurzfilme sind die Musterschüler*innen unter den Filmen. Sie sind aus verschiedenen Gründen perfekt für den Einsatz im Unterricht geeignet und tatsächlich ist es in diesem Fall wirklich mal die Länge, auf die es ankommt. Oder die Kürze, wenn man genau sein will. Denn ein Kurzfilm lässt sich ganz wunderbar in eine Unterrichtseinheit integrieren, der in Deutschland – noch immer – meist im Rahmen von Blöcken organisiert ist, die entweder 45 oder 90 min. betragen. Read More


Awards January 2020

Slamdance Film Festival, Park City (USA) || 30.01.2020 Documentary Short Grand Jury Prize: TUNGRUS, Rishi Chandna, India Narrative Short Grand Jury Prize: WOMAN IN STALL, Madeleine Sims-Fewer & Dusty Mancinelli,… Read More


Steps within Crises
Notes on the Filmic Encounters of Clara Winter and Miiel Ferráez

Bereits fünf Filme entstanden aus der mittlerweile mehrjährigen Zusammenarbeit von Clara Winter und Miguel Ferráez, tatsächlich ist das dynamische Duo in allen selbst vor der Kamera aktiv und versucht, sich an zunehmend ausgestellten Positionierungen, Halbfiktionen und Zeichenspielen. Bei ihrer Begegnung trafen filmische Stile aufeinander, die verschiedener kaum sein konnten – das Resultat waren neue Fragen und Methoden. Die Filme der beiden protokollieren neben ihren expliziten Fragestellungen zu sozialem Status und Nationalität allem voran eine künstlerische Evolution und die Entwicklung eines transkulturellen Stils. Ihre Experimente wirken sowohl im Verhältnis zum deutschen, als auch mexikanischen Kino erfreulich deplatziert. Read More


Everyday Marvels: Film Portrait of Gunter Deller

Marvelling at the everyday, such as chance refractions of light, passing shadows, or a carelessly dropped handkerchief being blown by the wind almost gracefully across the ground – in the face of our fast-moving world, these brief observations of random phenomena seem to have ever-decreasing significance. With hardly any place left in our everyday lives for pausing and perceiving all that plays out quietly in our immediate surroundings. This is not so with Gunter Deller, who has made the marvelling at everyday phenomena his filmic practice. Read More


Awards July 2019

Experimental Film and Video Festival Seoul (Korea) || 31.07.2019 Best EXiS Award: E-TICKET, Simon Liu, Hong Kong Korean EXiS Award: LAOMEDEIA, Youjin Moon, USA JungWoon Award: PRAYER TO OUR FATHER,… Read More


Awards June 2019

Edinburgh International Film Festival (UK) || 30.06.2019 Best Short Film: TELEFONUL (THE CALL), Anca Damian, ROM   Euganea Film Festival, Padua (I) || 30.06.2019 Primo Premio Concurso internazionale animazione: AUGENBLICKE,… Read More


Awards May 2019

Fastnet Short Film Festival, Schull (Ireland) || 26.05.2019 Best Irish Film: DAY OUT, Virginia Gilber, Ireland Best International Film: FUCKING DRAMA, Michael Podogil, A Best Student: RECOVERY, Siofra Quinn Gates… Read More