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    Anne Isensee

    Anne Isensee likes getting right to the point. And that in both her works and conversation. With her at times very short films, the animator artist who lives in Berlin has enjoyed success at numerous festivals for years now. In 2017, she achieved an impressive debut with her mere 101-second-long film “Mega Trick” (2017), which garnered the Golden Dove for the Best German Short Film at the DOK Leipzig International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film. Read More

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    Short Film Goes to School

    Kurzfilme sind die Musterschüler*innen unter den Filmen. Sie sind aus verschiedenen Gründen perfekt für den Einsatz im Unterricht geeignet und tatsächlich ist es in diesem Fall wirklich mal die Länge, auf die es ankommt. Oder die Kürze, wenn man genau sein will. Denn ein Kurzfilm lässt sich ganz wunderbar in eine Unterrichtseinheit integrieren, der in Deutschland – noch immer – meist im Rahmen von Blöcken organisiert ist, die entweder 45 oder 90 min. betragen. Read More

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    Erik Schmitt

    Just the first few seconds of this film are enough to create an all-pervading sense of oppression that predominates for the next 15 minutes. “Berlin Metanoia” is a dark, almost (hellishly) dreamlike trip into the innermost realms of a city that loves to market itself as young and cool, but which has lost its soul somewhere between hipsterism, tourist onslaughts and hype. In his latest short fiction film, which celebrated its premiere at the 2016 Berlinale, Erik Schmitt approaches the latent psychotic Berliner identity with an intensity that continues to reverberate for a long time afterwards. Read More

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    Kyne Uhlig and Nikolaus Hillebrand – Digital isn’t always better

    The films by Kyne Uhlig and Nikolaus Hillebrand are full of things that you would usually find in the kitchen or a closet. Gherkins march in step, spoons develop a dubious life of their own and lonely socks desperately search for their better halves. The filmmakers, who live and work together in Cologne and go by the name of “niky-Bilder”, prefer to use everyday as well as lost-and-found objects and breathe new life into them for their animated films – and that’s especially practical considering that they live right next door to their studio, making it easier to, whenever the need arises, place the contents of their domestic cupboards in the spotlight. Read More

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    Ulu Braun

    Ulu Braun is based in Berlin and his work is represented at both film festivals and in the art world. He perceives this double-track approach as a privilege, allowing him the freedom to experiment and broaden his own horizons by regularly traversing boundaries. Read More

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    Till Nowak

    Ein kauziger alter Mann steht auf dem Balkon. Die Aussicht ist trist, der Rauch unzähliger Fabrikschlote verdunkelt den Himmel. Fürsorglich wässert der Mann eine einzelne Blume, die in einem rostigen Kasten den schlechten Bedingungen trotzt. Read More

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    Marion Pfaus

    The (Un-)Mistakable Marion Pfaus likes to play with different identities. On her website, the Berliner by choice coyly asserts that she is constantly being mistaken for someone else. Indeed, for… Read More