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    The Secret Film History of Argentina

    The synonymous usage of the terms “experimental film” and “avant-garde film” is a relatively recent phenomenon: In Germany, designating a work as “experimental” had a negative connotation for a long time. This is related to the situation whereby in the turbulent 1960s, influential writers such as Hans Magnus Enzensberger (Die Aporien der Avantgarde/The Aporia of the Avant-Garde, 1962) or Siegfried Kracauer (Theorie des Films/Theory of Film, 1964) demanded of art, and indeed in general, that it should not occur “remote from everyday life” either parallel to or outside society, but rather assume responsibility. Read More

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    Danish silent films are made digitally accessible

    From 2019, under the direction of the Danish Film Institute, the entire Danish silent film heritage will be researched, restored and made digitally public. One focus of the project is the processing and communication of film history from the beginnings of cinema to the time of sound film as a ‘living film archive’. This includes an online platform with films and documents for educational institutions, film series in cinemas and a new silent film festival in organised by Cinematek of Copenhagen. Read More