Southwest Broadcasting

At SWR (Südwest Rundfunk – Southwest Broadcasting) it’s the editorial department in charge of films that promotes young directors and screenwriters in the context of its aspiring filmmakers’ series “Debüt im Dritten”. Aside from five full-length films, around ten short feature films are co-produced, purchased or picked up by other third programs each year. The productions are all financed with ARTE funds, which primarily means that two editors in Baden-Baden and Strasbourg must both be convinced of the quality of the project. SWR offers certain “extras” here, for example by offering the services of its own in-house film lab. In this case as well, the aim is to tie talented young filmmakers to the station and to realize further projects with them – but then of course on a “grand scale”. An almost textbook example is the short feature film “Ballett ist ausgefallen” (Anne Wild, D 2001), co-produced by SWR, which was followed by a feature-length film likewise produced by SWR, entitled “Mein erstes Wunder” (Anne Wild, D 2002).  ´


Südwestrundfunk (SWR)

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