BAFTA short film nominations

Campaign to promote the BAFTA short film nominations in the UK

Every year, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards the best in British film – including short films in the categories of live action and animation. This year’s nominations will be accompanied by several promotional campaigns to ensure that people know about the films and can see them at the cinema.

Comparable campaigns have taken place to date only in Germany, in connection with the German Short Film Award. Ever since 1998, the nominees and award-winning films have been going on a tour through German cinemas, organized by AG Kurzfilm. In France, L’Agence du court métrage annually offers the César-nominated animated films for loan.

In the UK, the British Academy has set up a special short film website. A wealth of information can be found there on the nominated films and their makers. In the column Top Tips for Short Filmmakers, podcasts are also published in which BAFTA Shorts participants and experts offer advice on the production and distribution of short films. Included are blogs by nominated filmmakers and producers, who report on their experiences. Another page lists links to short film festivals that are recognized by the Academy as qualifiying criterion festivals. In addition, former award-winning films can be viewed online on the BAFTA site.

In cooperation with “The Independent Cinema Office” (ICO), BAFTA is for the first time organizing a theatrical release of nominated films. After premiering on 12 April at the cinema of the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London), a feature-length programme of films will be sent on a national tour. The distribution and cinema office of the ICO offers the programme as a digital cinema package or on DVD for a minimum guarantee of £100 or 35% of admissions revenue. Among the films in the programme are the winners “The Curse” by Fyzal Boulifa and “The Making of Longbird” by Will Anderson, as well as the nominees “Good Night” by Muriel d’Ansembourg and “Swimmer” by Lynne Ramsay.

Also new is that the British Council will offer the programme to international partners via its network of offices abroad. The details have not yet been published.


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