April 2017

Cipka (Pussy), Renata Gasiorowska, PL

” width=”820″ height=”461″ /> [/caption]cellu l´art -Kurzfilmfest Jena (D) || 30.04.2017 Bester Spielfilm: STACEY EN DE ALIEN STACEY AND THE ALIEN), Nelson Polfliet, B Bester ExAnDo: CIPKA (PUSSY), Renata Gasiorowska,…


März 2017

Bester Film Let's Cee Festival: A NEW HOME © Ziga Virc

” width=”820″ height=”344″ /> [/caption]Let’s Cee Film Festival, Wien (A) || 27.03.2017 Bester Film: THE BUZZING OF A BUMBLEBEE, Vladimir Beldian, RU Bester Film: A NEW HOME, Ziga Virc, SLO…


Februar 2017

"The White Helmets" © Orlando von Einsiedel

Academy Awards (USA) || 26.02.2017 Winner Documentary (Short Subject): THE WHITE HELMETS, Orlando von Einsiedel, S Winner Short Film (Animated): PIPER, Alan Barillaro, CAN Winner Short Film (Live Action): SING,…


December 2016

HAN by Jonathan Choo (Golden Tadpole Camerimage) ©Nanyang Technological University

Camerimage, Torun (PL) || 19.12.2016 Student Etudes Competition Golden Tadpole: HAN, Jonathan Choo, Singapore Student Etudes Competition Silver Tadpole: SUMMER, Martyna Jakimowska, PL Student Etudes Competition Bronze Tadpole: JAHRZEIT, Thomas…


Short of Sleep. Political Dimensions of the Short Film Format

In this text, the intention is not to show that the short film format is especially political, nor to reveal the extent to which it may be so, nor whether it is any more political than other filmic formats. Instead, I would like to discuss, on the basis of the three examples provided, in which way these films, on the one hand, engage with politics in terms of their content and, on the other hand, how they have become political themselves with regard to the way and manner in which they were produced and are presented.


Review of the First German Network Meeting of the Festival Work Fairly Organised Initiative

While queues of people were waiting at the cinema box offices in Leipzig to get tickets to the Dok International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, one of the most renowned film festivals globally, on 4 November 2016, about 80 staff members and representatives of film festivals and film-related initiatives, as well as freelancers and journalists, came together for an urgently needed stocktaking and review.


Matthias Wermke and Mischa Leinkauf

In response to the question of how best to call the art made by Matthias Wermke and Mischa Leinkauf, after a lengthy discussion both reply: sculpture. (In German, the word for sculpture is Bildhauerei, which literally translates as “image-hewing”). While not meant entirely seriously, it sounds funny and nails it surprisingly well. Firstly, the description contains the kind of dry humour that is quintessential to the Berlin artist-duo’s work.


Programming and Curating Short Film Screenings
Part 2: Short Films in Cinema Programmes

Programmers and curators both exist in the cinema sector. However, for the majority of movie theatres it is not necessary to draw a terminological distinction between the two activities, as the programme of a normal commercial cinema is determined according to economic criteria in accordance with market forces and not on the basis of other considerations regarding content. In first run cinemas, the selection is limited a priori to those film releases that are offered by the distributors. Within this framework there is some room for individual decisions regarding quality.


November 2016

blicke aus dem Ruhrgebiet (Bochum) || 27.11.2016 Dokumentarfilmpreis Ruhr: ERFRISCHT EINZIGARTIG, Johannes Klais, D Preis für experimentelle Kunst Ruhr: JAMAIS-VU, Werner Biedermann, D Action: Gender Preis: DIE KÜCHE MEINER GROßMUTTER,…


October 2016

Festival Chileno Internacional del Cortometraje, Santiago (CL) || 31.10.2016 Premio al Guión Internacional: DOUG & WALTER, Samuel Morris, CH Premio a la Dirección de Fotografía Internacional: APACHETA, Jorge Mosalve, Peru…


September 2016

Brief Encounters, Bristol (UK) || 25.09.2016 Brief Grand Prix Award: SWEET MADDIE STONE, Brady Hood, UK Animated Grand Prix Award: ANALYSIS PARALYSIS, Anete Melece, CH Brief European Award: E.W.A., GiGi…


The Crowd, Not the State

  Among many filmmakers, public film funding has a bad reputation. With seemingly incomprehensible funding decisions and major formal barriers, as well as laborious, time-consuming paperwork and mountains of bureaucracy…